Grahak Setu makes it possible for you to run your customer service 24/7

Grahak Setu app helps your customers track repair status

Log tickets, track status, make payments, get invoices- all without a single phone call


Client logs ticket


Assign Technician


At site/ Service Centre?


Receive at the service center


Estimate for repair




Repair and send

Client (Grahak) logs a ticket

Anytime, night or day, your client logs a repair ticket

No need to call anyone, or wait in queue for “Your call is important to us”. Register a service complaint is as easy as pick up the phone, open the app, share the problem and boom! 

The ticket is registered. And you will have a customer go to sleep assured that someone will attend to the problem.

Ticket is instantaneously sent to the service provider where the relevant folks get an alert regarding incoming service complaints.

Log service ticket

Ticket assigned

The repair ticket is further assigned to a technician most knowledgeable about the problem.

The company technician will now review the ticket, pictures sent by the client and description and try and resolve the issue on the phone or in-app messaging.

At site? Or at the company service centre?

The company would advise what would be the best way

The company might decide that it is best that the clientsend the defective part to its nearest service centre. He can then courier the equipment to the center. And, through the app, update the courier details.

The technician at the service center will be notified when that happens; automatically.


Receive the defective part at the centre

The service technician will now evaluate

The service center will receive the part, the client will receive a notification when that happens.

The technician may again discuss the issue with the client over chat. And finally be ready to send an estimate of the repair.

Estimate for repair

Itemized, comprehensive estimate for parts and labour

Once the technicians have evaluated the defects in your product, they will send you a repair estimate for parts and labour charges. You need to approve and pay for the repair to start.

Of course, if your product is under warranty or Annual Maintenance coverage, there will be no charge for repair!


The client approves the estimate and makes payment

The client will make the payment for the repair charges right from the app. The moment the payment is made, the ticket is now “Queued for repair”.

Payment is made directly to the service provider company on a secure payment gateway page.

Repair, send back and invoice

Itemized GST compliant invoice is generated

The moment the ticket is queued for repair, the assigned technician is notified and she gets on the task of getting the defective equipment repaired back to health.

After repair, the equipment is couriered back to the client and an invoice is generated for him to download from the Grahak Setu app.

Stay in constant touch through messaging

Through in-app messaging, the client can communicate with you and you can seek clarifications and reminders.

These messages are a useful record of communication with the client and can be used to seek approvals, send reminders and otherwise send information about the repair underway.

To the point

It's free! For you and him